• By Love for Life staff
  • Case in USA

Yuzyuk Viktoria

August 22, 2014

Diagnosis: Double-sided functional impairment of sound-perceiving apparatus. Double-sided sensorineural hearing loss, stage IV-V.

Viktoria urgently needs the surgery. In 2015 she was diagnosed an inveterate double-sided sensorineural hearing loss of stage IV –V. Testing was made in Institute of Otolaryngology named after Professor O.S. Kolomiychenko in Kyiv and in Aurora Medical Centre. For verification of diagnosis and surgery advisability, Viktoria was examined in Medinkus Hearing and Speech Centre (Poland). According to examination results, nothing abnormal detected and it was stated that the child needs urgent surgery. The amount needed for the surgery is impracticable for girl`s family, as it will cost 29 500 Euro. Mother takes care of her daughter, father is a guardian, they have 14-years old son. As the surgery is very urgent and family has financial straits, they have to address for help to collect the needed amount for surgery on implantation of cochlear implant.

Whip-round amount 29 500 Euro