• By Love for Life staff
  • Case in USA

Yakubchuk Nikol

January 23, 2016

Diagnosis: Congenital myeloid leukaemia

The 23rd of January, 2016 was the happiest day in life of Yakubchuk family. This day a beautiful girl, named Nikol was born. But in 4 months, in June 2016, she was diagnosed a terrible disease – myeloblastic leukosis (blood cancer). The consultation with doctors was ended with urgent hospitalization in OHMATDET National Specialized Hospital (Kyiv, Ukraine). From June continuous tests, bone marrow and spinal cord aspirations, blood transfusions, chemotherapy and administration of serious antibiotics were begun. For today the girl is in the department of intensive chemotherapy, where she already took the 1st and 2nd chemotherapy cycle. Further she will take several more chemotherapy cycles. But the main thing in her treatment is bone-marrow transplantation. Her elder sister doesn’t suit as a donor. Nikol needs bone-marrow transplantation from non-relative donor. Such surgeries are not made in Ukraine and there is an expert opinion about this. Poland Clinic agreed to do the transplantation.

Amount for carrying out the surgery is 111 711 Euro!