• By Love for Life staff
  • Case in USA

Tyutyunnik Tatiana

February 01, 2005

Diagnosis: infantile cerebral paralysis, residual stage, lower spastic paraparesis, stabile moderate motor system disorder, severe cognitive impairment symptom. Symptomatic generalized epilepsy, rare seizures.

Tatiana has only mother. The health and life of this girl are struggled practically since her birth. Improper actions during delivery caused extraction of infant in asphyxy and reanimation. In 2 months Tanyua began to suffer severe epileptic seizures, which could appear up to 10 times a day. A girl is sensitive to weather change, steadily hits herself in the head, and then starts crying from headache. Recently her mother sent her documents in HELIOS Klinik Hohenst├╝cken (Germany). She received a confirmation on the readiness to take her daughter for treatment. Preliminary clinic`s estimates is 54.893,90 Euro.