• By Love for Life staff
  • Case in USA

Tupitskiy Aleksandr

Date of birth August 01, 2001

Diagnosis: ICP


Sasha urgently needs a surgery. For all his life, 14 years he makes daily physical exercises, massages, rehabilitations. But in 2016 new problem appeared – because of quick growth of the boy in juvenile age a hip joint dislocation due to spasticity of certain set of muscles caused and to solve this problem an urgent surgery is needed. Otherwise the consequences will be remediless. In Ukrainian rehabilitation center for children with ICP, the professor proposed to do 4 surgeries, and the 5th one in a year, each of them is accompanied by difficult general anesthesia (which is fraught with complications for children with ICP) and blood transfusion. The parents had to search for more sparing methods of treatment abroad. They collected information about different orthopedic clinics, consulted with different experts for several months and at last have found an ultimate solution – surgery in Medical Orthopedic Clinic Schon in Munich. To solve the boy`s problem only two surgeries will be needed there and complex of postoperative rehabilitation. The total amount of bills of this Clinic is 79 113 Euro. This sum does not include additional expenses for transfer, accommodation and feeding of parents for 44 days of staying of the child in Schon Clinic.
Sasha is cool and funny boy, he is fond of boxing and football, studies in special school, the only problem is that he doesn’t walk, and now it is also a dislocation of the hip, by he still energizes our family with optimism and this is one more reason not to surrender.
For an ordinary family this sum of money is very high, that is why the only hope is for your help. We truly hope that there are people in the world, which can help us to solve this serious problem, and Sasha will walk and a small dream of at least one small man in this planet will come true!