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  • Case in USA

Shtrikul Yuriy


Date of birth: 11.11.2003

Diagnosis: Acute lymphoblastic leukemia, high risk group

Yura is 12, he lives in Poltava. When he was 3 years old after continuous illness he was diagnosed sensory deafness. But in spite of this his parents tried to give him everything for growth, development and productive life. Yura is communicable, funny, active boy he has a lot of interests – bicycle, sport, music, dances. A special place in his life is devoted to the football, Yura is a school team player, he dreams to make achievements in sports. Of course he is a football fan, he has icons among popular football players and he dreams sometimes to grow to their level…
In January this year a terrible disease came to the Shtrikul family. Yura was diagnosed an acute lymphoblastic leukemia. In Poltava Yura took the I Protocol, and then he was transferred to Ohmatdet in Kyiv for high-dose chemotherapy. He took already 3 cycles of high-dose chemotherapy, but he stayed in Hospital for two weeks because of bad condition … On 19th of May Yura`s condition allowed him to return to Poltava, and he will have to take 2 more cycles of high-dose chemotherapy…

To become healthy and for returning to normal and productive life Bone marrow transplantation from non-relative donor is needed. Italian Clinic (Pavia) is ready to accept the boy, the bill is more than 120 000 Euro and 30 000 Euro for HLA-tiping and donor search. The family is not managed to collect such immense amount of money. All relatives try their best to help, but the sum is very high to collect it for 2-3 months!

Shtrikul family urgently needs Your help and support!

We will be grateful to everyone who will take part in Yura`s destiny! Together we can help the boy to surrender and realize his plans and dreams!