• By Love for Life staff
  • Case in USA

Ruban Vadym Vladyslavovych

August 13, 2008

Diagnosis: disintegrative disorder (epileptiform disintegration) with cognitive defects

Yulia gave birth to her son when she was 5th-year student. Boy grew and developed as absolutely health child. However in less than a year boy’s health impaired. He started to faint away from time to time. Seizures repeated frequently. Doctors said that boy is healthy until he accomplished 3 years. So during the regular visit to hospital doctors established the diagnosis: epilepsy.
Currently Vadym is 7 years old, he has developmental delay, he does not speak, seat independently, asks to the toilet; he is hyperactive. Boy can’t show the place of pain in the case of pain sensation. Mother says it is very difficult for her to treat a son. Her parents help her; boy’s father refused from his family.

Currently experience has proven that in 70% of cases epilepsy is treatable abroad. For this purpose it is necessary to pass meticulous examination, select appropriate medications and to comply with doctors recommendations. So in 5 years disease and medications can be forgotten.

Doctors of Israel hospital “Assuta” are ready to help Vadym. They warrant that they will be able to establish and to fight the main cause of disease. Then boy will develop completely. An amount of 6 600 USD has to be collected for the examination. It is not big amount for treatment abroad, but it is unaffordable sum for Vadym’s mother so she asks for your help.

Amount of collection 6 600 dollars.