• By Love for Life staff
  • Case in USA

Olesya Chalaya

November 15, 2011

Diagnosis: Developmental brain malformation – Dandy-Walker malformation, symptomatic epilepsy (polymorphic seizures – West syndrome, secondary generalized seizures), spastic tetraparesis, significant retardation of psychomotor development, Pierre Robin anomalad.

A girl has congenital brain malformation. Unfortunately this is an inextirpable disease for modern medicine and her parents realize that Olesya is a special child and won’t be able to catch up to her peers in development. In spite of this, it is possible to help the girl to overcome at least the part of her disease consequences. But there is one catch – convulsions, which are impossible to stop throughout 4 years already. They thwart her development and deprive her of the opportunity to go to rehabilitation… Girl`s parents do their best to help her – teach her with experts and teachers. Girl has an opportunity to develop physically and psychically. She gives a smile for address, laughs, when feels funny, she doesn’t speak but makes sounds to draw attention when she wants something or is impatient with something. But to move further it is necessary to understand the reasons of epileptic seizures and make the treatment.

In Olesya`s native country nobody could help her, and her relatives addressed the Teknon clinic in Spain.

Whip-round amount: 20 000 Euro