• By Love for Life staff
  • Case in USA

Olena Beliuha

April 20, 1984

Diagnosis: Chronic Kidney Disease of 5th stage, chronic glomerulonephritis resulting in nephrosclerosis. End stage renal disease. Secondary erythropoietin-independent anemia. Symptomatic hypertension
Just a while ago Olena was a healthy person who has plans for the future. She dreamed of motherhood, but instead of this she became the invalid. At the 5th month of pregnancy the premature birth started. According to conclusions of doctors it was caused by sudden drop in hemoglobin up to 57 units. Doctors tried to save mother and transfused blood two times in order to increase the level of hemoglobin for childbirth. As analysis have shown drop in hemoglobin was caused by renal failure. In other words it was kidneys fail. The subclavicular catheter was inserted and 6 haemodialysis sessions were carried out in the hope that it is the acute form of the disease but nevertheless positive results were not produced. Therefore doctors suggested life-time replacement therapy in the form of peritoneal dialysis before donor kidney transplantation. Today Olena’s world is a small home prison. Every day every 4 hours it is necessary to fill in the solution-dialysate into abdominal membrane in order to cope with toxins in organism. She is sorely in need of kidney transplantation. The surgical service is very expensive and costs approximately $65,400. Basically the family does not have such amount of money.