The main purpose of charitable activity of the fund is the implementation of charitable projects to raise funds for people with major illnesses who, for some reason, found themselves in trouble because of the lack of money for their treatment. These people do not have medical insurance and the possibility to pay a doctor.

You can read their stories in “Requests for Help” category, each of them is unique. The goal of our fund is to bring each of them to the public, and try to save these people.

Site users determine by themselves the amount of their contributions. All donations are tax deductible.

All benefactions of donators are entered to bank accounts of LOVE FOR LIFE. When 100% of the total amount for the specific person treatment is collected, than the entire amount is credited to the clinic`s account according to the bills of patient.

Anonymous donators obtain information only through the publications on LOVE FOR LIFE website.

All good things on this site exist and are working thanks to the one thing – People’s trust. The trust of people who is willing to give their money, their time and their attention to someone in this world to make it better. After all, helping others – is a need of every normal person. It is like to breathe, to see, to love … And all people who feel this need are our donators.

This site is made just for You. Each person or company in the list of donators are worthy of the highest honors in the world. These people make the world better.

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